Bat Surveys

All Species of Bat in the uk are protected by law. Our Licensed Bat Workers are not only Ecologists but Arborists as well, this gives us unrivalled experience when looking for bats in trees. We can prepare full written bat surveys, either Stage 1 ground based habitat surveys (Hundt 2012) or Stage 2 climbed aerial inspections, coupled with emergence watches. Our extensive arboricultural knowledge of tree features and habitat allows us to provide a complete bat surveying and handling service.  Where bats are found we can help with mitigation strategies and habitat creation, as well as sample analysis ( droppings ).

We are at the forefront of industry best practice, preferring climbed Stage 2 Bat Surveys over emergence watches as a more reliable way of identifying bat roosts. Our ecologists use the latest equipment and climbing techniques to access all parts of the tree which may be in an unsound condition.

The main advantage of our approach over regular ecologists is that if we have inspected a tree with bat roost features and found no bats to be present we can immediately fell the tree or remove the habitat features preventing their use by bats in the future. This means that there is no need for a second visit by a licensed bat worker at the time of felling. Being able to carry out an Arboricultural Constraints Tree Report at the same time as a Stage 1 Habitat Survey makes us much more competitive compared with other surveyors. Having the same team perform both roles saves our clients money and on large developments these savings can be significant. If you need a bat survey, protected species survey or ecology survey please contact us now.

Bat surveys in Scotland.
Ecologist David White points out a bat roost.