How Much Does It Cost to Fell a Tree?

As a tree surgeon the most common question I am asked is ‘how much does it cost to fell a tree?’. The answer? Well, it depends. In order to give an accurate cost for felling a tree we really need to see it, but we can give you some ball park costs over the phone. The following factors will all have an impact on the cost of felling a tree:

  1. The tree size, height and girth are all important.
  2. The location of the tree will dictate what equipment can be used and how far we will have to carry the brash and timber.
  3. Things under or adjacent to the tree. If the tree is growing over a building or other structure it will impact the methods that our tree surgeons use and the job may take longer. Phone or power lines, garden ornaments, other trees or shrubs will also effect the method of taking down a tree.

With information on the points above our arborists will be able to give you a ball park cost for felling a tree. But since we offer free quotes why not just ask us to pop round and give you a fixed price quotation to fell your tree? You’ll then have the security of knowing the exact price – there’ll be no hidden extras on the day.

Below are some ball park costs for tree surgery work.

Tree felling:

These are very rough and costs could be a bit lower or higher than those quoted below

The further a tree is from a vehicular access, and buildings, public thoroughfares or phone / power lines under the tree will increase the cost.
(Diameter when measured around chest height above ground, measure the girth right around the tree and then divide by 3.14)

Tree diameter less than 30cm £150-300

Tree diameter 30-60cm £300-900

Tree diameter 60cm+ £900-2000

Who is the cheapest tree surgeon in Edinburgh? Well, its probably not us!   We charge a fair price for a quality service, we are not expensive either! Every tree is different and in certain circumstances our large range of equipment can enable us to complete a job much cheaper than our competitors, in some cases 5x cheaper!  Generally speaking we are cheaper for the more complex and challenging work or works involving large quantities of trees or timber. This is not always the case – the fact is that there are many under-qualified, under-insured and under-skilled  tree surgeons out there. TD Tree & Land Services are passionate about trees and all our arborists are educated to a high level in arboriculture as well as NPTC Chainsaw and Climbing qualifications. Health and safety is at the heart of our tree work – we are committed to continually  training our staff to the highest standards. Our tree surgeons have over £350,000 worth of equipment at their disposal so that we can tackle any tree job, large or small.  So whether you have a 10 foot apple tree  to a 100 foot spruce we have the equipment to deal with the job.  If you care about your home and your trees and you want a fully qualified and insured expert to prune or fell your tree then give us a call, we can’t promise to be the cheapest, but we’ll try – we will promise to be the best!

*Always ask to see evidence of insurance and certification before commissioning any trade to work at your property