Hardwood logs.

We supply hardwood logs to clients from our bases in south and central Scotland, our logs are extremely well seasoned, we start by splitting the larger stems into billets using our Posch 30Ton  log splitter, we then stack these and leave them for up to 2 years to season, they are then converted into split logs using our Posch Firewood Processor. The split logs are then moved indoors to further season down to a moisture content of around 15%. Because we only use local timber produced from our own tree surgery operations our timber is totally sustainable, unlike the imported so called “kiln dried” timber that has flooded the market in recent years. Felling virgin forest and then shipping it from Eastern Europe all the way to the UK is not good for the environment and completely defeats the purpose of burning wood as a carbon neutral fuel in the first place.

Our logs come BSL Certified and are suitable for those claiming RHI payments, we can supply them in different lengths to order, our standard length is about 9 inches, (22cm). We supply our logs loose by the cubic meter, a cubic meter is 1000 litres, a builders bag is about 600 litres. So a builders bag of our logs costs from £42.

Prices are as follows:

2 cubic meters  £160
3 cubic meters £220
6 cubic meters  £420

Delivery is free within 30km of one of our bases.

Hardwood logs seasoning in our barn.

Fresly split logs seasoning indoors

Timber billets drying in the sun.

Timber billets drying in the sun.