Firewood Production Service.

We can come to your premises with our Valtra tractor and Posch Firewood Processor, as well as our Posch 30 ton log splitter to convert your own timber into firewood. Customers who have used our Woodland Management Service have found this to be a useful way of making their woodland pay. We can split logs to various lengths and the conveyor on the machine can load them directly into trailers for easy handling. Timber of all dimensions can be handled, from 4″ logs that simply require cross cutting through to large diameter round wood of over a meter. We split the larger rounds into billets which can then be stacked for seasoning or put straight through the processor.

Because our Valtra has a front linkage and anticlockwise front PTO we can put either machine on either end of the tractor, running both machines at 1000 speed we can operate the tractor at low revs and save fuel. This efficiency means that we can produce firewood from as little as £15 per cubic meter. Given that prices per cubic meter (seasoned) vary from £60 to £120 this makes us very cost effective. Production rates will vary according to the diameter of timber being processed and the ease of handling etc.

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