We provide a pest control service in conjunction with our ecology service. We deal with woodland and agricultural pests and also certain garden pests, including Deer, Rabbits, Rats, Badgers, Grey Squirrels and Foxes.

How we tackle a particular pest control problem depends on the situation, in many  cases prevention is better than cure, we have a range of fencing solutions to keep unwanted animals away from your property. Where fencing is either not possible or not appropriate we can trap certain animals and either humanely dispatch them off site or where the law allows they may be released in a more appropriate area. In some circumstances the only humane and legal way to remove pests may be through shooting. Our marksmen are trained and experienced in the use of firearms and hold all the appropriate certification as well as ‘Trained Hunter’ qualifications (DSC).

We will carry out an initial assessment of your problem free of charge and then from there prepare a method statement showing our proposed means of control. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your own particular pest problem please get in touch.