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We offer an arboricultural and ecological consultancy service for trees and protected species advice. Clients can save money by getting tree survey and ecology survey work done simultaneously. Our Arboricultural consultants or Arboriculturalists as they are sometimes known are highly qualified and experienced.

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Arboricultural Consultancy & Surveys

Tree surveys and reports are required for various reasons, the most common being:

Planning applications: when seeking permission for any scale of development, either domestic or commercial, the Planning Authority may require a tree survey. This is to understand the impact of the development on the trees and hedgerows in the vicinity. Frequently planning permission will be granted with specific conditions attached, such as the retention of trees or the planting of trees or other vegetation to protect the existing amenity value of the area.

Generally a tree survey will include:

  • Tree Survey Plan showing the location of all trees on which information is required
  • Specific details on each tree, including age, height, stem diameter, structural condition
  • Preliminary management recommendations and any other observations
  • Tree Quality Assessment
  • Tree Constraints plotted for each tree on relevant drawings

TD Tree & Land Services Ltd’s arboriculturalists produce Tree Surveys to BS 5837:2012 Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction – Recommendations

Safety: trees growing on your land are your responsibility. Tree owners owe a duty of care to others and are always liable for damage the tree may cause. If you know that a tree on your land is defective and damage subsequently occurs, you could be held liable for negligence.

If you are worried about the safety of your trees, or would like a structured management plan, please contact us for a written Tree Report. These are undertaken by one of our qualified arboricultural consultants, Tom Dixon, David White, Andrew Lawton or David Balshaw. These arboriculturalists will provide impartial advice on the condition of the trees, prepare specifications for tree management, represent you in any legal proceedings and liaise with other professionals where necessary.

Case Study: in Spring / Summer 2014  Arborist and Tree Surgeon Tom Dixon appeared in court twice to represent our client who was in the middle of a bitter dispute with their neighbour over boundary lines. The argument centered on the age of the dividing hedge. Tom’s Tree Report was submitted as evidence, and this, together with his arguments in court, was a deciding factor in our client winning their case.

Arboriculturalist Tom Dixon surveying a tree.
Tree survey for mortgage.