Tree Felling

We offer tree felling services across the whole area  that we cover: Edinburgh & lothians, Glasgow, Stirling and all of southern & central Scotland. Sectional felling or dismantling is used for trees which cannot be straight felled for reasons of space or proximity to vulnerable structures. There are many different techniques involved and as no two  trees are the same our methods are always flexible, adapting our knowledge, skills and experience to suit the task in hand.

We have a range of specialist rigging equipment designed and tested for use by arborists under the most demanding conditions. We will also bring in hired plant such as cranes, HI-AB’s and work platforms if they are required.

We have dismantled trees growing over homes, schools and offices and we are confident that whatever the trees situation and condition we can bring it down safely.

How Much Does It Cost to Fell a Tree?

As tree surgeons the most common question we are asked is ‘how much does it cost to fell a tree?’. The answer – well, it depends. In order to give an accurate cost for felling a tree – or any tree surgery service – we really need to see the job, although we can sometimes give you a ball park cost over the phone. But since we offer free quotes why not just ask us to pop round and give you a fixed price quotation to fell your tree? You’ll then have the security of knowing the exact price and there’ll be no hidden extras on the day.

The following factors will all have an impact on the cost of tree work:

  • The tree size, height and girth are all important.
  • The location of the tree will dictate what equipment can be used and how far we will have to carry the brash and timber.
  • Things under or adjacent to the tree. If the tree is growing over a building or other structure it will impact the methods that our tree surgeons use, and the job may take longer and cost more. Phone or power lines, garden ornaments, other trees or shrubs will also affect the method of taking down a tree.

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