Forestry & Woodland Management

Forestry Services

TD Tree & Land Services provide a small scale forestry service for land owners who wish to enhance the value of and income from their woodland. We specialise in the felling and extraction of small parcels of timber and specialist thinning to improve the amenity value of forest sites. We can also buy timber standing offering good prices for smaller parcels of wood, especially hardwoods like Elm and Oak. Contact us to talk to a forester and see if we can help you get the most from your timber crop.

Our Biomass Chipping service also compliments our forestry work enabling us to convert less valuable timber into a useable or saleable product on site.

Woodland Management

Woodland management is essentially the management of light and space, either for a timber crop, game cover, amenity use or wildlife habitat. What ever the purpose of your woodland we can help you make the most of it, and bring out its best attributes to achieve your goals. A lot of woodland lies un-managed and neglected these days, but with the uplift in the wood fuel market and more of an interest in traditional woodland skills there are many opportunities to make your woodland earn its keep. We have contacts who buy timber of all kinds including poles and withies as well as the traditional larger cuts, we can offer good prices for hardwoods like oak and elm, and can also help you get the best sale price for any firewood that you sell.

We also have a Firewood Production Service, where we will come to your site and process your timber into firewood.

Our landscaping team also build woodland walks, we can build footpaths and roads, board walks, hand rails and install signs, benches and interpretive media. We have built several footpaths, including the Yester Core Path in Gifford, East lothian, which was a collaboration between the estate and East Lothian Council. The Yester Core Path was nearly a kilometre in length and in now very popular with walkers and horse riders.